Date of Admission: 
August 10, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
prayer & bible lessons

This is Bizuayehus’s 2nd time in Addis. She lived with her aunt for a year and went back home 2 years ago. Now, when her aunt gave birth, she decided to come to Addis and stay with her. Bizuayehu’s parents have separated after her father was arrested for physically abusing her mother. After he was released from prison, he’s been living in Addis and they haven’t had much contact. Recently, Bizuayehu was sent to buy a few items from a nearby shop and was kidnapped by her own father. Then, he gave her to an employer so that he’d take her monthly salary. Bizuayehu stayed with her employers for a few days and tried to runaway and find her way back home. her employer found her and when she asked to go back to her mother, she took her to the police.