Bethlehem G

Date of Admission: 
March 31, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
building trust, counseling & prayer

Bethlehem’s story seems fictional. We hope to learn the truth about her through time but for now, all we have is what she chose to tell us. She says she’s from Assela and came to Addis looking for her sister. She lost both her parents and 2siblings in a car accident. She’s been living with her godmother ever since and has been handling her parent’s house and assets. she says her sister runaway to Addis when she heard the news of her parents’ death. She’s been back home once, since then and told Bethlehem that she’s living in an orphanage in Addis. Bethlehem thought there would only be one orphanage in Addis and that she’d easily find her sister. She went to the police immediately after her arrival in Addis and has been at the station for almost a month. She still hopes we’ll be able to find her sister and wants to go back home with her.