Date of Admission: 
December 08, 2017

We had to talk to Bethlehem through one of our nannies because she doesn’t speak Amharic all that well. She joined the Emmanuel House a day after her arrival in Addis. She was living with her grandparents in Chifisa before she started her journey to Addis with her sister. The plan was for them to come to Addis and meet with their aunt so that she’d take them to their mother who lives in Hawassa. Unfortunately, she lost her sister in Sodo but still came to Addis. Police found her right after she got off the bus and she spent one night in a police station. Bethlehem still wants to go back to her mother but since we don’t have any relevant information about her mother, we plan to take her back home to her grandparents and see what we can do for her after that.