Date of Admission: 
July 11, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
family inclusive counseling & prayer

Arsema is from Wolo. This is not her first time away from home. she’s been in Addis before and had worked for a year and a half. This time, she came with her grandmother to see her sister who just had a baby. She then decided to stick around because her sister said she’d pay her and send her to school if she helped with house work. It wasn’t long before Arsema and her sister fought and Arsema runaway. She tried to contact her uncle but his phone was out of service and the man whom she asked for a phone took her to the police. Arsema has 2younger and 2older siblings but the responsibility of supporting her family is on her shoulders. When asked what she wants to go and where she wants to go next, she says she’d go back home, contact her uncle and find another job in Addis so that she can support her family.