8 months
Date of Admission: 
May 20, 2016
Greatest Needs: 
IGA, day care service, nutitional support, prayer

Ananiya and his twin brother, Azariya, were conceived while their mother was working abroad. When her employers found out about her pregnancy, they immediately sent her back to Ethiopia without paying her. Their mother (Alem) is just 24 and doesn’t have any family to rely on. When she was working, she sent back the money she earned to people who were like parents to her, but upon her return to Ethiopia, they refused to welcome her when she came back unexpectedly. Since she came back home, she has been living with her guardian’s neighbors but they have also started to complain. She would like to work if she finds someone to look after her sons for her. We have agreed to pay for their day care cost so that Alem can work to support her boys and start a new life.