Abebech A

Date of Admission: 
September 06, 2018
Greatest Needs: 
Family inclusive counseling & prayer

Abebech was abandoned by her mother when she was just 3years old. She was then raised by her grandfather and later moved to her aunt’s. when her aunt decided to move into a monastery, she sent Abebech to Addis for work. After a week’s stay at her employer’s Abebech went out to buy some vegitables and lost her way back home. she tried to find her way back the whole day but unfortunately couldn’t. finally, people took her to the police and she was sent to us. Abebech doesn’t want to go back to living with her grandfather because he doesn’t send her to school. she knows where her mother lives and didin’t want to live with her before because she had a choice of going to her aunt. Now that her aunt is in a monastery, Abebech is open to the idea of living with her mother but needs time to adjust.