Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, provides holistic care to marginalized children, youth, and families. NOLM's Emmanuel House team is best known for reuniting lost (missing) children back with their families all over Ethiopia.

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Home-Based Services

NOLM partners with the Addis Ababa Police Commission and The Children's Justice Project of Ethiopia and accepts lost children referred to Emmanuel House for reunification with their families. Emmanuel House has the capacity for 30 children. This "restorative" program provides shelter, food, clothing, medical, educational, psychosocial, spiritual, and other kinds of support services to children transitioning at the house.

Due to the complexities of the children's cases, the average length of stay for children living at Emmanuel House is 3 months. The average age of children living at Emmanuel House is 12, however, we have children of all ages.

Our main goal is to reunite/reintegrate each child back into a safe environment with family members and/or loved ones.

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Community-Based Services

This "preventative" program is for children considered to be at-risk and vulnerable and who are living in extreme poverty in the Emmanuel House neighborhood.

These children have working parent(s) and/or guardian(s), but there is not enough money for them to receive educational, medical, nutritional, counseling, spiritual, and other kinds of support. We help address these needs. We also encourage and equip the caregivers of each child in our program to come up with an Income Generating Activity (IGA) idea to help create a sustainable way to earn income so that they can provide for their families. Our Community-Based Services program not only impacts the child that is registered in the program but the entire family.

We receive referrals of children needing our assistance and if space is available, accept them into our program if they meet certain criteria.

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